Skill Master Motorcycle Services has provided training and coaching to many riders over the years. From learners, to those with decades of experience, and even emergency rider training to Victoria’s motorcycle Paramedics. No one is beyond learning skills or reinforcing techniques which can help on the road. All training provided is designed to tap into the strengths of individual riders and provide exercises and practice which can help to improve your skills in day to day riding.


Riding as a group is not the same as riding with a bunch of other riders! We conduct rides from one day to three weeks and on each encourage riders to develop skills which can make riding more enjoyable and safer. 

2017 tours will soon be on the website and Facebook but for now, we are heading to Tasmania for a 12 day adventure in early February. To hear about our tours, which mostly include a support vehicle and coaches who can help to improve your riding along the way, you can sign up for the free newsletter on the home page.

Check out the videos and photos of some of our rides on the Great Aussie Motorcycle Tours Facebook page and the Skill Master Motorcycle Services Facebook page.

Future tours will be to Airlie Beach (so you can visit the Great Barrier Reef), Uluru/Ayers Rock and Alice Springs (so you can enjoy the best of the outback), The Snowy Mountains (to enjoy the best roads on the mainland), and Tasmania (to enjoy the best motorcycling roads- period!)


Our rider coaching courses are all designed to suit road riders. On all these courses expect a lot of development of basic skills and a gradual application and increasing complexity of these.

To do something well, do the basics real well” an Army Major once told me. Good advice. Our courses come from the skills learned on Sydney streets surviving on an Ambulance Motorcycle. Development of simple control techniques has been proven to improve rider’s confidence.

Our courses are conducted on a one on one basis or through group courses with only 15 people in the group. 

I expected to improve, not calibrated on how much. Feedback exceeded expectations, which allowed me to focus on what needed change.

Marulan 3-day Bootcamp

Course exceeded expectations, it was great having an environment where I could push my boundaries and be given feedback for improvement. It was a fun learning experience.

Skill Master apparel now available!

You can now sport a Skill Master tee shirt! Our popular rider tips have been collated into a spiral bound booklet for you to take home or to your club. Check out our apparel and literature.

Safety of the course was excellent. My confidence I feel has been improved and that will benefit other parts of my life and can share with my family.

Exceeded expectations with a common sense positive and realistic approach, and ability to adapt to all riding types.