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Risk Warning Agreement. By attending one of Skill Master Motorcycle Services’ training courses you acknowledge that motorcycling can be dangerous and that:

• you could be exposed to serious personal injury
• you agree to wear appropriate PPE
• you assume full responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal property which you may sustain (this includes your own motorcycle).

Persons participating in rides and/or events organised by Skill Master Motorcycle Services (including ‘Getting to know your Motorcycle‘ courses) are reminded that motorcycling, and maintenance courses, can involve a level of risk and that accidents can and do happen. No responsibility for participant action or inaction, leading to injury or damage, will be accepted by Skill Master Motorcycle Services.  

All riders participating in group rides are expected to be licenced, to ride at their own assessed risk level (according to their training and ability) and to have their own insurance policies. This is particularly important with regard to longer rides where travel insurance should also be seriously considered.

All riders are expected to ride within the confines of legal requirements and as such those who ride beyond these are considered to be no longer part of an organised ride.

All machines must be registered and roadworthy. All road rules are to be adhered to and any form of unruly behaviour will not be accepted.

Getting to know your Bike‘ courses involve participation in specific mechanical procedures regarding motorcycles. In no way do these courses entitle or skill participants to complete these services on their own vehicle without the supervision of a qualified mechanic. They are provided for information purposes only.