Motorcycle Rider Training Courses

Our training/coaching is designed to improve confidence, control of your bike and help develop roadcraft skills.

This can be achieved through-

One on one courses (you could even bring a friend). This is a popular way to develop essential skills for all levels of rider. Many don’t like group courses because they compare themselves to the others and learning then takes a back seat to trying to perform for the group. One on one sessions can be completed at Picton Karting Track and the International Regatta Centre near Penrith.

These courses are for all road riders. We have had people with no experience to those with 30 years on these courses.

These courses involve a full day (around 10:00AM- 4:30PM) and have proved to increase confidence out of sight for many. Here’s a testimonial from a lady who completed the course with her friend recently-

WOW! WOW! WOW! My riding has improved so much! I was relaxed on the bike, more confident & just loved the feeling that went along with using your broom handle technique. Many of the skills I learnt from you I was able to put into practice today. So, a big thank you again for introducing me to the skills & techniques in the course.

Cost for a full day one on one course is $500 (incl. GST). We can do this for a little less if you do wish to complete the day with a friend.

Group courses for clubs can be arranged for as few as 8 people. These are usually completed at Picton Karting Track, but we can also use other locations (we have even used airports!) around the state. Karting Tracks provide the necessary complexity whilst not focussing on speed. When control and skill increases, speed comes as a by-product. A discount can be applied when 8 people from your club, or just s group of mates, book and if 10 people book the price is cheaper. Maximum on a course will be 15. Usual cost is around $380 (incl. GST) but this will vary depending on numbers. Call for a quote for your club or group.

Here is a comment from a rider who completed a course recently-

Recently, I joined some friends on a 3-day ride around some of Victoria’s finest biking roads around Harrietville, Mt Hotham, Mallacoota, Brown Mountain, Snowy Mountains Hwy towards Tom Groggin, Khancoban, Tallangatta, Tawonga Gap and Bright.  I can categorically say that I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed that ride as much had I not brushed up on my skills. I’d certainly developed some bad habits, but Paul has pretty much changed by entire riding style, becoming a lot more relaxed. Everything feels smoother whilst riding, positioning myself better on the road, improving my vision and awareness of others out on the road (in particular, tin-tops who lane change without indicating…AARRGGHHH!). The flow-on effect has been an increase of speed into, through and out of corners which is a direct result of Paul’s advice, teachings and input.

Group courses are organised and advertised on the website and Facebook. These also have a limit 15 people and are conducted at Picton, and Marulan. The Marulan track is for our Rider Coaching and Development Courses, a fancy way of saying ‘advanced.’ But we call it this because it is really about helping people better their skill level across a wide range of skills.

Up Skilling Level 1 courses are at Picton (and other locations around the state on demand). These are for any rider who has some experience on the road. We’ve had P platers all the way through to Far Riders on this course and people comment how good it is to review skills and learn new ones.

Costs for these courses is similar ($380-420) to above but we can run courses on weekends at Marulan so the cost here is a little higher.

Here is a comment from a recent Rider Development day at Marulan-

I can’t believe how much I had forgotten from my first course with you and how much more confident I am now.  Never too late to teach the old dog new tricks.

These courses are on the website when upcoming, and also Facebook.