Pillion Passenger


Pillion Passenger training (aka the relationship saving course!)

Pillions are often just expected to rise to the occasion and literally go along for the ride without any idea of how to make the journey easy for the rider and themselves.

How many arguments about moving around, and not waving to friends in cars could be saved if pillions and riders both had a better understanding of how to ride with the additional weight and a different centre of gravity?

This short course enables some understanding of what is happening to a motorcycle when the centre of gravity is moved rearwards and there is need to ensure some inputs from the rider and pillion in order to make a safe and enjoyable ride.

The course assists the rider with low speed controls and helps the pillion to work with the bike and rider instead of making the journey uncomfortable.

Five to six hours of training for both rider and pillion will help everyone and help reduce arguments!

Total cost of this training (for rider and pillion) is $500 and includes morning tea.

Once you have booked we can discuss location for the training.



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