Pre Purchase Inspection


Purchasing a motorcycle is always an exciting experience. Because our purchase is much more likely to involve the heart and not just the head, getting someone else to check over your valuable possession is cheap insurance.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports are conducted by a qualified mechanic with many years’ experience in assessing vehicles.

The report covers many points and is presented in an easy to read, plain English report which includes photos and key aspects of any problems.

A R.E.V.s check (now known as a PPSR Certificate) is included in the price to ensure the vehicle in not encumbered.

Skill Master can attend the dealership, home or even office where the motorcycle is located. An easy payment via Stripe is all that is required meaning you can make the payment and have the inspection on the same day in some cases. Cost is $250 in the Sydney metro area.

Please call 0414 974 815 once payment has been made and we will make the arrangements as soon as possible.



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