Up Skilling Level 2

For those who have completed the Up Skilling 1 course, or an approved rider training course in recent years, this course will help to sharpen your riding skills further.

The course is completed at Cameron Park near Newcastle as this track enables the application of road riding skills which will take you beyond basics.

  • Low speed control exercises- (motorkhana style exercises) combined with higher speed cornering
  • Road position v cornering line- sacrificing line safely for the road
  • Increasing confidence and accuracy as speed increases
  • Improving flow through corners
  • Emergency braking technique
  • Wet road braking

Everyone experiences loss of skills when they either don’t use them, or don’t ride for a while. This course can help restore accuracy and application of skills to make riding on the road safer and more fun.

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As noted above, this course will suit those interested in further developing their road riding skills. The goals are to aid in accurate placement on the road at all times, an ability to quickly manouevre away from threats, and confidently position yourself to provide a buffer at all times.

Additional Information

Course Location

Cameron Park

Course Dates

October 6th, November 24th


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