Up Skilling Level 1

We all lose riding skills from time to time through not applying them. How often do you practice emergency braking? This course will suit anyone with some riding experience (learners with a few months riding under their belts to those who have ridden for years) as it develops necessary road riding skills which, once practiced, can assist in saving your life in the volatile environment of the road.

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This course is designed to help you be a more confident rider. Most of us can use some assistance in becoming more accurate in our riding, regardless of how much experience we have had.

All the exercises below are designed to provide a complete approach to riding which includes setting up the bike, some maintenance aspects which all riders should know, and theory of what is happening.

All exercises relate to application on the road and are designed to be practiced in normal everyday riding so you continually improve.


  • Introduction and familiarisation of the track
  • Maintenance and setting up your bike to fit you
  • Theory Session
  • Controlling a bike at low speed
  • Skills Development Exercises
  • Cornering Technique for the Road
  • Braking Exercises
  • Obstacle avoidance exercises
  • Free Time on the track
  • Review and ongoing practice

At Picton Karting Track (Picton Road, just east of Picton, about one hour from the centre of Sydney). This is because a kart track more closely represents the road in terms of width and actual cornering speeds, so affords the best learning opportunities.

Additional Information

Course Location

Picton, Cameron Park

Course Dates

8th December


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